Criollo suggests reflection on the random way in which the notion of homeland is etched on bodies. Questions around what is homeland, how does homeland become flesh and where in the body does it live have been the premise for the piece research.
Urban, rural and folk elements and electronic music all interweave together.  Also present are the rivalry of malambo, the skill of cumbia and the rave feeling of pericón. Through this juxtaposition, pastiche or interrelation of heterogeneous elements, Criollo shifts the meaning of the national tradition’s diverse rhythms’ towards the invention of an autonomous dance, with its own language and idiosyncratic rules, reinventing in this way the question about a national dance.

Dancers: Víctor Campillay, Luís Monroy, Mauro Cacciatore, Esteban Esquivel
Costumes: Ana Manouelian
Lighting Design: Alejandro Le Roux
Music: Pablo Bronzini
Choreographic assistants: Víctor Campillay, Luís Monroy
Direction assistant: Victoria Molins
Press: Simkin & Franco
Direction and choreography: Gerardo Litvak

Teatro Portón de Sánchez, Buenos Aires, 2010

This production has received the Guggenheim Fellowship (EEUU), The Iberescena Grant (Spain),
the National Fund of the Arts Grant, and a subsidy by Prodanza Institut, Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires, (Argentina).

This piece  has been distinguished with the declaration of cultural interest by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, Argentina.