Foto: Gustavo Gavotti


Head of Choreographic composition and of Actor’s training of the body at the National University of the Arts, Buenos Aires (UNA).
Artistic Director at TFE (Specialization on Performing Arts) and Teacher at TFB (Dance school), at Estudio Viceversa.
Principal examiner at the International Baccalaureate.

He has taught the Choreographic Creation Seminar, BA in Direction at National University of the Arts, Buenos Aires (UNA); and Choreographic Composition in the Dance Diploma at Mauricio Kagel Institute of the Arts, National University of San Martín. (2013, 2017).

He taught Improvisation and Choreographic Composition courses at the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, University of Buenos Aires. (2001, 2012).
He participated as a Tutor in the Residences for the choreographic creation in cultural spaces of the City, Prodanza Institute, Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires. (2015, 2016).

He delivered creation seminars and tutored choreographic pieces in various provinces of the country within the framework of the Technical Advisors organized by the National Theater Institute / INT (2008, 2009).

 He has given Improvisation and Choreographic Creation seminars at the
Faculty of Arts, National University of Cuyo, 2018,
Faculty of Arts, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Resistencia, Chaco, 2015,
Dance Degree, Faculty of Arts, Universidad Mayor, Santiago, Chile, 2011,
Dance Degree, Faculty of Arts, National University of Tucumán, 2010.

 He has given seminars at the following Festivals and Artistic Events:
Azul Dance International Festival, Azul, Province of Buenos Aires, 2017.
Intercultural Dialogues of Dance, National Dance Company of Ecuador, Quito, 2015.
4th Meeting of Performing Arts, Pte. Roque Sáenz Peña, Chaco, 2015.
1st NOA Contemporary Dance Meeting, Salta, 2015.
4th Dance and Education Meeting on Choreographic Composition, Dance School of Bahía Blanca, 2012.
Teacher training sessions in Choreographic Composition, Escuela Dance Bahia Blanca, Bahia Blanca, 2011.
Program Seminars of the UNA, Cultural Forum of the UNL, Litoral National University, Santa Fe, 2010.
Center for the Arts, Ministry of Culture of Mar del Plata, 2009.
8th Biennial of Young Art; Culture Department, Litoral National University, Santa Fe, 2008.
4th National Meeting of Dance Theater and Performing Arts, Tucumán, 2008.
I Dance Theater Forum, National Directorate of Music and Dance of the Nation, Salta, 2008.
V Dance Theater Forum, National Theater Institute, Jujuy, 2008.
V El Cruce, Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts , Sec. Of Culture of the Municipality of Rosario, 2005.
El Baile Festival, Corrientes, 2004.
II Dance Meeting, Puerto Madryn, Chubut, 2003.